Mobile Service

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We do “Live Scan/Fingerprint services” to your location

We are authorized Live scan/fingerprint service provider by the Department of Justice, State of California. We do mobile service for “on the spot” Fingerprinting process. We charge additional $25 gas fee for every 25 miles distance from our main office. Our service jurisdiction is within the State of California.

Corporate locations, School Districts & Federal Offices can make an appointment for 2 or more employees with $25 gas fee for every 25 miles radius. Faster Live Scan result guaranteed.


We bring the Live Scan Devices into your location and connect it via mobile online to the DOJ Live Scan processing center. The digital fingerprint images are directly submitted to E-ID system to speed up the record verification.


List of DOJ/FBI Service Fees:
 Live Scan/Fingerprint Request for:Rolling Fee DOJFBIOther Total
Adult Residential Care Facility$25$42$17 N/A$84
Alcohol & Beverage Control Lic$25N/AN/AN/A$25
Ambulance Driver (DMV)$25$32 N/AN/A$57
California Lottery Retailer$25N/A N/AN/A$25
Cemetery Sales$25$32$17N/A$74
Certified Nurses Assistant$25$32 N/AN/A$57
Certified Nurses Assistant Plus$25$32$17N/A$74
Child Care Center 6 or less$25$32 N/AN/A$57
Child Care Center 6 or more$25$32$17$25$99
Chiropractic License$25$32$17N/A$74
Contractors State Lic. Board$25$32$17N/A$74
Dental Board of California$25$32$17N/A$74
Elderly Care Facility$25$42$17N/A$84
EMT Certification$25$32$17N/A$74
Family Day Care$25$32 N/AN/A$57
Foster Family Home$25$32 N/AN/A$57
IHSS (Elder Care)$25$32N/AN/A$57
Licensed Vocational Nurse$25$32$17N/A$74
Notary Public$25$32$17N/A$74
Pharmacy Technician$25$32$17N/A$74
Physician – Medical Board$25N/A N/AN/A$25
Real State License$25$32$17N/A$74
Record Review (DOJ)$25$25 N/AN/A$50
Registered Nurse$25$32$17N/A$74
Residential Child Care (less than 6)$25$32 N/AN/A$57
Security Guard (Investigative Svcs)$25$32$17N/A$74
Security Guard w/Firearm$25$32$17$38$112
Teaching Credential$25$32$17N/A$74
Vehicle Sales License – DMV$25$32N/AN/A$57
Veterinary Tech / Veterinarian$25$32$17N/A$74
Visa/Immigration Documents$25$32N/AN/A$57
Vocational Nurse$25$32$17N/A$74
For Mobile Service, add $25. gas fee for every 25 miles radius

Further inquiry and appointment please call (951) 573-3358 or fill up the form below: